[New] nazine magazine Issue N˚3 'Zip'

The third issue of Nazine Magazine has been compiled as a joint contemporary fashion magazine and 2010 calender.Nazine
which has aimed to use different sizes and formats with each issue, has been cognizant of the functional aspects of magazines in the
current third release. Not a commodity that is consumed quickly, but a magazine that can be kept for a longer amount of time. Although
this concern was concluded in the format of a calender, it does not completely serve the needs of normal calender. As a result, it may
seem to appear as a visual archive. The visual contents and flow is not consistent or polite in any sense.In the midst of these
disrepancies, Nazine Magazine aspired to embody the breathe and density of each and every page. Although the small amount of pages
led to a lack in embodying a long breath, it is undeniable that this aim is a true success.As the contents has been joined into one issue,
the theme has been appointed as 'ZIP.' ZIP is the english written version of 'home' in korean. Also, the contents in this issue includes
journals and photographs that are related to the homeWe hope that the aim and direction of Nazine Magazine can coexist with a long

 contemporary fashion magazine
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